About the Crossroads Parish

In 2018, an idea was introduced to Atonement Lutheran Church of New Brighton and Cross of Glory Lutheran Church in Mounds View.  This idea, which was to form a two-point parish, was a relatively new idea within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and would be the first of its kind within the St. Paul Area Synod.  By creating this two-point parish, each congregation would retain their individual identities over the many years of ministry to their communities but would share resources and some staffing thus making it easier on each congregation’s operating budget.

After a year of conversation, discernment, and hard work by both congregations, the congregations voted to form this two-point parish and the Crossroads Parish was born. In April 2019, the congregations of Cross of Glory and Atonement voted to call their first shared pastor and put in motion what would become a unique, spiritual, and mutually beneficial relationship for both churches.

Atonement Lutheran Church, New Brighton

In 1961, Atonement Lutheran Church, was one of 19 similar mission churches bearing the identical name to be established in each of the 19 districts of the American Lutheran Church. These churches were built to commemorate the merger of three branches of the Lutheran Church into one national body in 1961. This selected name–Atonement Lutheran Church– means the church of God’s reconciliation, “to be at one” with God. The first governing body of Atonement was the ALC mission. They called and appointed a pastor, Reverend Herman P. Senft of Dubuque, Iowa, to gather a congregation for this new church. Pastor Senft did this by making telephone calls, visiting nearby homes, sending out flyers, and spreading news of the new church by word of mouth.

The first meeting of the Atonement congregation took place on September 10, 1961 at Sunnyside Elementary School, about a mile from the construction site of the church. There were fifty-one people in attendance at this service, and they gave an offering totaling $37.80. The cornerstone for the building at Atonement’s present location was laid on October 22, 1961, and the first service to be held in the church structure was a Christmas program presented on December 17, 1961. After many hours of volunteer labor and an approximate cost of $100,000.00, the new facility was dedicated on May 20, 1962, with 49 confirmed and 100 baptized members. Early Atonement leaders included the first church board composed of Henry Boyer, Allan Johnson, Ken Hoogakker, Luretta Anderson, John Fahning, Chas. Winans and Larry Brovald, as well as trustees V. Keikhafer, James Lund and Arthur Pedersen. Pastor Senft remained with the congregation one and a half years, serving as the church secretary, maintenance worker, and custodian in addition to his duties as pastor! In the years that have followed, Atonement has been home to hundreds of members, giving them religious education and inspiration, joy-filled music, support and love.

Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, Mounds View

Cross of Glory Lutheran Church was established in 1955 when a house chapel was built at 5472 Adams Street in Mounds View. That remained our place of worship until 1964 when a church (including Fellowship Hall, office space, and nursery) were built on the adjoining grounds at the corner of County Road I and Adams Street. The original house chapel then became our Sunday School building and a place where wedding receptions and other large functions were also held. By 1986, our third church building was dedicated which included a larger sanctuary, new kitchen, and narthex, with the existing building becoming a large fellowship hall and Sunday School rooms.  With this addition complete, the original house chapel was sold. By 1997, another large addition was dedicated which included a choir room, youth room, pastor’s office, secretary’s office, Sunday School rooms, and another main entrance.  We have been blessed to have twelve pastors helping us minister to our community.

Cristo Rey Mission Church of Crossroads Parish

Cristo Rey’s history will be added soon!