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Pastor Cassie Nault

Minister of Word and Sacrament
(763) 784-2528
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Dear Siblings in Christ,
The “season” is upon us: yes, the cold weather has arrived. And also, the season of “Commercial Christmas” is upon us. In the church, we observe Advent, the season that leads to the twelve days of Christmas that will last from December 25th—January 6th (Christmas Day to Epiphany). However, too often we let the flurry of busyness in this season overwhelm us. I think the past year or so has seen an uptick in the busyness, as we try to make up for the time with loved ones we missed at the height of the pandemic. So, it is here that I must remind you that our faith calls us to slow down–to be present in the moment. That is, our faith does not hinge on us observing all the Christmas celebrations.

Psalm 90:4 reminds us that “For a thousand years in [God’s] sight are like yesterday when it is past or like a watch in the night.” In other words, it is not that God is slow, but that we are too hasty.
If “Jesus is the reason for the season,” and Jesus is indeed God, then we too shall strive to focus on God in this season.

Yes, there is much to do: at Crossroads, we have midweek Advent services on Wednesdays at 6:30pm leading up to Christmas. And there are many traditions to choose from at this time of year: decorations, cookies, parties, concerts, and so much more. None of those are bad things–however, if you feel that you are participating because you are “supposed to,” remind yourself that your Christian faith does not require you to “get in the holiday spirit.” Instead, your faith calls you to look to God. To lean on your community. To serve your siblings in Christ.
For each one of us, the holiday season will look different–and that is a good thing. Instead of striving for the “perfect” Christmas season–look to the perfect One and take a deep breath, knowing that God is indeed with you at this time of year and always.

Alleluia and Amen,
Pastor Cassie

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